Daphne Holt

Daphne Holt PhD MBA MRSB FRCPath
Chair; Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation


  • BSc degree: medical biochemistry; 1976, University of Surrey, UK
  • MPhil degree: heavy metal teratology; 1983, UK Medical Research
  • PhD: Developmental pharmacology – toxicity of chloramphenicol;
    University of London, 1992
  • MBA: Business ethics; Bristol Business School, University of the West
    of England, 1998

Employment history: I joined the world of charity management in 1999 after 30 years in medical research and education, first with the UK Medical Research Council and then at Imperial College in London, where from 1986 I was team leader at the Karim Centre for Meningitis Research. After working on international development for the Meningitis Trust (UK) I joined the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO http://www.comomeningitis.org) in 2009 to become the first executive director, and to establish CoMO as a registered organisation in Perth, Western Australia. CoMO now has 43 members in 28 countries around the world and I have been involved with this organisation since its inception, as a loose network of like-minded people, in 2004. During my career in science and as a charity manager I have published and presented on meningococcal disease, especially in the new-born baby. I also served on the WHO Working Group on the terms of reference for the International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Vaccine Provision for Epidemic Meningitis Control. In 2010 I became a member of the Governing Council of CoMO and held the Vice Presidency. In 2016 I resigned the position on the board of CoMO to become a founding member of the Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI www.cl-ci.org) of which I now hold the Chair.