Ivan Malčić

prof. dr. sc. Ivan Malčić

1978-1982 Clinical Hospital Centre (specialisation in paediatrics) 1982 onward, School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb 1996-2001 Head of the Paediatrics Clinic of the Clinical Hospital Centre (KBC) 2001 Department physician, Department for child cardiology and rheumatology From 2005 Head of the Paediatrics Clinic of the Medial University and of the KBC Publications Published over 500 scientific works, professional papers, and teaching materials About 25 SCI and CC works, 45 PubMed works, about 120 quotations Editor of several books: Paediatrics for Secondary Schools (eight editions), Rheumatic Diseases in Children (1994), Paediatric Cardiology part 1 (2001), Paediatric Cardiology part 2 (2003), Paediatric Cardiology part 3 (2007), Paediatrics with Child Health Care (2008), Foetal and Neonalatal Cardiology (2009), author of chapters on paediatric cardiology and paediatric rheumatology in the textbook “Paediatrics” (Mardešić and co), and co-author in numerous books and textbooks. Active participant in numerous domestic and foreign congresses. Scientific projects “Cardiomyopathies and neuromuscular diseases in children, (3-01-395). “Imunogenetics of cardiac and neuromuscular diseases in children”, (108141) “Etiopathogenesis of cardiac diseases in children”, (0108173) “Foetal cardiology in protection of perinatal morbidity and mortality,
(108-0000000-0125) Membership: Societies for paediatric cardiology and rheumatology (domestic and foreign) National delegate and a regular member of AEPC Full member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia President of the Croatian Society for Child Cardiology and Rheumatology HLZ
President of the committee for paediatrics of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia National delegate in CESP (European Academy of Paediatrics)